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TKAM Chp14-16 Vocabulary

Appearance; face
The police were ___ the story that the boys weren't at school when it was vandalized.
Bitter, stinging, or caustic in nature or speech
Strange or unusual
Some people have _____ such as being double jointed or the ability to swallow swords.
Prison for criminals
After the trial the criminal was sent to the _____.
My math teacher was ____ when she told me I was failing.
Sandra wrote a _______ letter to tell her employer she would no longer work there.
Jenny's _____ was formal because she was wearing a prom dress.
The movie theater refunded my money because the movie was ____.
Cip and Tim's ___ in the hall caused them to be suspended.
Making more certain; double-checking; conspiring
Gave in to one's pleasures; had what wanted
The act of resigning, withdrawing
Direct and unreserved in speech
Not audible; cannot be heard
Bart's speech was _________ when he lost the game.
Mrs. Jackson _____ in a big bowl of ice cream after school.
An angry dispute or diagreement