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Christ in the School of Prayer / Lesson 10

Many of our prayers are "wishes" sent up for a short time and _____ about.
The blind man said, "_____, I want to see."
Our _____ of influence includes: family, friends, acquaintances, and neighbors.
You ask with wrong motives that you may spend what you get on your _____.
Christ heard the blind man's cry for _____.
When you pray, don't use meaningless _____ as the Gentiles do.
God's child _____ only for the Father's interests
Is there _____ between God and me?
Son of _____, have mercy on me.
You pray in God's will when you pray with right _____.
When life gives you more than you can "stand" _____.
Seeking to know only the "will" of God is the faith that boldly _____ the fulfillment of the promise.
Do not use f_____ (repetitive words) when you pray.
If you really "will" to have something, you do NOT _____ until you have it.
God has made believers ____ in intercessory prayer.
You pray in God's will when you pray _____ to His Word.
Your prayers must be _____ expressions of your needs.
God wants to hear an explicit _____ of what you are asking for.
Prayer is NOT learned in the classroom but in the _____.
Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, and _____.