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The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

Author: Eric H.
Natural disaster that takes Dorothy to Oz
Path in which Dorothy follows
The area surrounding the yellow brick road
The magical land in which Dorothy enters from Kansas
Needs heart
When The Cowardly Lion becomes king of the beasts
When Dorothy returns home
When The Cowardly lion receives courage
Tells Dorothy about the charm in her slippers
Dorothy's pet
Area in which the scarecrow is saved from the stork
Small characters that greet Dorothy as she enters Oz
Area in which the group travels to destroy the wicked witch
When the hot air balloon was launched
Doesn't have courage
The first companion Dorothy meets
When the Tin Woodman gets a heart
When Dorothy frees the slaves
Glowing green city
City in which Dorothy lives
Kisses Dorothy to protect her
Country filled with people made of china
When the winkies save the Tin Woodman and Scarecrow
The protagonist
Field in which Dorothy passes out
The area in which Oz passes through to get home
Area in which the group travels to meet the Witch of the South
When the Scarecrow gets brains
_ the great and terrible