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A way to get in
Reasonable or true
To find the similarities between two things
To classify, or to put in categories
To acknowledge
To make something new by combining different parts
To examine carefully & in detail so as to identify causes, key factors, possible results
To find differences between two things
In order by date
To draw conclusions from hints or suggestions
the good guy in a story or the hero or heroine
A story that is made up or not true
To try to get someone to agree with you
To leave out
A natural ability
The bad guy in a story
To come before
To give way, or to defer to another
to adjust to a new environment or surroundings
To hold up a structure or to assist
something you want to achieve
An outcome that is not what was expected
To justify
Numerical order
To make information more understandable or more clear
To put information into your own words
Happening at the same time
To hint at or to suggest
Not enough or insufficient
To combine two or more different things
Enough or sufficient
To put two or more things together
To come to a conclusion based on evidence