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Science Vocabulary

A property of a mineral that describes how easily it can be scratched
A solid material formed in nature or in Earth's crust with its own properties
Dropping or settling of eroded material
The color of a powder of a mineral when it is rubbed on a streak plate
A type of rock that is formed over time from existing rock due to extreme pressure and heat
A property used to describe how easily a mineral breaks apart along smooth surfaces
A large body in spac
A resource that, once used, cannot be replaced in a reasonable amount of time
Small pieces of rock, sand, and silt carried away by wind, water, or ice
A solid substance made up of one or more minerals
The process by which rocks and other surfaces are broken down
The process by which rock, soil, and other weathered earth materials are moved from one place to another
An area that includes all living organisms and the surrounding physical features such as air, water, soil
A type of rock formed from layers of sediment
A type of rock that forms from cooled magma or lava
A property of a mineral that describes how it appears when it reflects light
A natural object that orbits a planet
A loose top layer of Earth's surface made of weathered rock and organic matter
A large object in space that is made of gas and produces its own light
An object that is found in the solar system, orbits the sun, much smaller than a planet
A resource that can be replaced in a reasonable amount of time
Any resource that can be used to satisfy a need