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EU Environment

Teacher: Ms. Fowler
A force that brings countries apart
A group of European countries that participate in the world economy as one economic unit
The money people make in Europe
Keeping the people safe from foreign enemies
A pollution that crosses boundaries
A long term change in earth's climate due to atmospheric temperature
Is damage to the environment that is caused by harmful substances
Rights, elect leaders,vote, freedom
A force that unites countries
The variety of life in the world or particular habitat or ecosystem
A place where an explosion happenened in 1986
A form of energy that comes from nuclear radiation
A triangle of factories
Provides food, water, and good medical care
A river and all the streams that flow into it
Pollution that is the contamination of air by smoke and harmful gasses
Rain that can damage the environment because it contains acid from factories and car exhaust
Pollution that increases of warmer temperature caused by human activity
Countries that share a common good (identity)
A river and all the streams that flow into it