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Important food for animals and humans
Traits passed on from parent to offspring through meiosis
The building blocks of life
Equalizing the concentrations of a cell
Where both traits are shown in an offspring
Has a nucleus
Survival of the fittest
In dna
Has two genetically identical
An organism that uses organic compounds as food
Preserved remains of an organism
The movement of an ion across a celluar membrane from the lower concentration to the higher concentration using concentration atp
Molecules that include fats and wax
Where one strand of dna is copied
Where one trait dominates the other
Makes its own food from energy
An organism that has two identical traits
Where both parents traits are mixed in an offspring
Structures that have no function in an organism
Moving an ion across a celluar membrane from higher to lower concentration without the use of atp
Has four genetically distinct cells
Used for dna replication
Used to strengthen the body. is in food