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Chapter 10 Biology

Teacher: Jackson Boyle
An organisim's allele pairs
Observable characteristicor outward expression of an allele pair
Science of heredity
Cell with n numer of chromosomes
An alternative form of a single gene passed from generation to generation
Chromosomes that make up a pair one from each parent
An Organisim with two different alleles for a particular trait
When two alleles for each trait seperate during meiosis
A cell that contains 2n number of chromosomes
A cell division when gamets are formed and it reduces the number of chromosomes
DNA on chromosomes arranged in segments
Trait that is masked
When a haploid gamete scombines with another gaploid gamete
Possible combinations of genes due to independent assortment canbe calculated using 2n fromula
An organimis with two of the same allele for a particular trait
Sex cells that have half the number of chromosmes
Process during which a chromosomal segments are exchanged between a pair of homologous chromosomes
When one or more extra sets of all chromosomes are in an organism
Trait that appears
When generation plants have a genotype Yy