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With Christ in the School of Prayer / Lesson 19

When Christ ascended, He _____ that there would be One Who would come and take His place.
With Christ's death and ascension, a new epoch for working and praying _____.
_____ wants to do the works of Jesus must do them in His Name.
The disciples were to be Christ's _____ into whose hands the care of His work and Kingdom on earth were to be entrusted.
The book of Acts shows the Gospel as it spread outward to the Roman Empire to include G_____.
All believers use their _____ _____ to win and convert souls for Christ.
There is no greater work possible than the "conversion of _____."
The disciples successes and their _____ were to be greater than Christ's!
After Jesus' ascension, the apostles did many outward signs to show the _____ of Christ.
Jesus is the _____ of the New Covenant.
Prayer is to be the _____ through which the disciple's power would be received.
Christ makes us _____ in His Great Commission.
Christ was going back to the _____ to receive all power.
Spiritual Gifts are used to build up the ____.
The disciples would now be able to ask for and _____ that same power in Christ's Name.
Peter healed the _____ beggar. (Acts 3:6-10)
Paul was NOT harmed by a ____. (Acts 28:3-5)
Philip _____ demons, and he healed the lame. (Acts 8:6-7)
"Very truly, I tell you, whoever believes in Me will do the _____ I have been doing."
Peter preaching on _____ yielded 3,000 new converts in the early church.
The P_____-_____ life is found in Jesus.
Today, God does _____ miracles to authenticate His Word. But they are NOT as commonplace.
The disciples are Christ's b_____ here on earth.
"Unless I go away, the _____ will NOT come to you; but if I go I will send Him to you."
Christ says that His _____ is the reason for the greater works.