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Joey Stancil Math 2 Project

2 angles whose sum is 90 degress
2 lines on the same plane that never intersect
Points that divides a segment into 2 congruent segments
If 2 angles form a linear pain, then they are supplementary; that is, the sum of their measures is 180 degress.
Segments whose lengths are conguent
In a triangle a + b > c where c is the longest side.
Line that divides an angle into 2 congruent angles.
A long narrow mark
Angles whose measures are congruent
Cos = adj/hyp
An idea we accept to be true.
A Right Triangle in which the value of each side is an integer.
Tan = opp/adj
An idea we can prove to be true.
2 angles whose sum is 180 degress
2 lines that intersect and form a right angle.
Line that insersects at midpoint.
Same size and shape
2 adjacent supplementary angles
Sin = opp/hyp