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Biome Characteristics

Teacher: ECHADRI
Biome with wildflowers and grasses, but no trees; receives 25-75 cm of precipitation a year.
Type of tree that loses and regrows leaves each year.
A group of ecosystems with similar organisms and climates.
Biome that receives 50-150 cm of precipitation a year; has many scattered shrubs, tall grasses and small trees.
Cone-producing trees with needle-like leaves that remain green all year.
Northern Biome with many coniferous trees; very cold temperatures in the winter months.
Area of the forest below the canopy where shorter plants grow.
Forest Biome with many different trees, mosses and ferns; most trees lose and regrow their leaves each year.
Type of rainforest Biome near the equator; receives a lot of rain; temperatures are warm all year.
Biome that receives less than 25 cm of precipitation throughout the year; has many different species of cacti and reptiles.
Frozen soil.
Area of the forest that is formed by the leaves of tall trees.
Cold, dry Biome, where the soil stays frozen the entire year; very little precipitation falls.