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Valentine's Day Crossword

Author: Gerry
Our favorite kind of shower.
Our song.
Cryfest starring Ewan McGregor and Naomi Watts
A word that I drool when I hear you say it.
"Indiana Jones__ __."
My favorite sex position.
A place you like me to nibble when we're becoming intimate.
Record number of orgasms you've had in a 24 hour period (I think).
Insta-erection for Star Wars nerds everywhere.
You've once said this about my penis.
One place we've still never had sex.
My pet name for you.
Best sex we've ever had.
"If you aren't ___..."
What Freddy calls his harness.
Affectionate term for my rear.
I am the first person you've done this with during sex.
"...than you aren't ___."
Affectionate term for your breasts.
Record number of times we had sex in 24 hours.