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8th grade 1st Qtr Science

The factor that you deliberately change in order to find out what will happen
Information in the form of measurements or observations
A visual display that is uses a line to relate two sets of data over time
The scientific name of an organism
The mass of an object divided by its volume
A variable affected by changes in the independent variable. what you are observing in the experiment
A display that uses bars to show the magnitude of the data
Measures length
The written step-by-step pan for an experiment
A tool that helps identify organisms
The variety of organisms in a place
Inherited behaviors that help organisms survive
Any characteristic that promotes an organism's survival in a certain environment
A possible testable answer or explanation
Differences that exist naturally among the members of a species.
The process by which a species gradually changes
When layered rock is not disturbed, the lowest rock layers are the oldest.
A display that shows data as parts of a whole
The science of identifying classifying, and naming living things.
Instrument used to observe microorganisms
Any factor that can affect the results of an expirement
The group that is exposed to changes in the independent variable
Measures mass
Measures time
A wish conscious or unconscious to have an experiment lead to a certain conclusion