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The Book of Jonah

Teacher:  Anne Davis
Topic:  Searching the Scriptures
Teaching:  The Book of Jonah
God's 3-word command to Jonah: "_____, go and call."
The Book of Jonah is read during what festival?
What number is repeated in Jonah's story?
The ____ of the ship repeated God's command to Jonah.
The large fish represents the ______.
Hezekiah is the king of ______.
A characteristic of Hebrew parallel lines is that there is a _______ between them.
The number 40 represents a period of probation through trial and ______.
Joppa is located here.
In the Hebrew concept of prayer, God already knows your _____.
The fall festivals of Rosh HaShanah, Yom Kippur, and _____ are all prophetic of future events.
The King of Nineveh commanded the people to _____.
The "belly" of the whale represents new _____.
Tarshish is most likely located here.
The concept of "going down" represents walking in _____ ways.
God delivered Jonah from his _____.
A literary device that uses parallel lines and points to a chiastic center.
Cain's penalty for killing his brother is to be ______ from the presence of the Lord.
The ______ of Nineveh was the one most responsible for the repentance of the people.
God caused Jonah to _____ and he begged to die.
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