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California Gold Rush

In the early 1600's the spanish built where as the capital of the territory
Was admitted as a free state in 1850
Who founded a mission in Baja California
Mexico gained its independence from who in 1821
The 80,000 people who came to California in 1849 were known as
The Americans declared northern California an independent republic on June 14th, 1846. What was their new nation called?
What valley did they find gold nuggets in 1848
Who founded the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints in New York in 1839
In 1853 a new technique called ? mining, brought large profits to mining
The swirling process for finding gold was know as?
Who became the colonial governor of Santa Fe De Nuevo mexico for Spain
The Southwest was name to many native american tribes specifically the? Indians
Who was born in Germany, who founded a colony in California called New Switzerland
The new mexico territory consisted of present day states of ?, new mexico, all of Nevada and Utah, and parts of Colorado
Who was the first american merchant to travel to Santa Fe
Who was a spanish conquistador who claimed the territory of new mexico for spain
Becknell's route latter was known as what?
Who became the new leader after Joseph Smith was killed
The southwest region was called what territory?
Religious and military settlements built by Spanish catholic priests