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Industrial Revolution 6th Grade

The Industrial Revolution helped form two new classes including the working and _____ class
Farmers got a big break in 1830's with invention of a mechanical reaper and a steel ______
Name the change in how goods were produced in Europe in 1800's
Many factories, trains and boats relied on water power and ______ engines
Its that time of year for change, I have _____ fever.
Better farming led to increase in food and ______
Thank you Thomas Alva Edison for helping me stay up at night
What we are going to have on Friday to test these words
Elisha Otis invention that let you go up a skyskraper
In 1826 the ____ ______ helped you cook better
Thank G-d, the MTA workers did not go on ______
To preserve the moment this was invented in 1837
Huge machines were placed in a _________
By puting food in this 1800 invention you can preserve food
When a company's workers unite to demand better conditions they form a _______