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6th Grade Math Vocabulary part 1

A number that shows how many times a number is to be multiplied by itself.
A number sentence showing 2 equal ratios
Finding all the factors of a number
A way to average a group of data in which all data is added up and divided equally
Whole numbers and their negative partners, or opposites
A way to average counts or measures when there are extremes in the data; the middle point
The variable which depends on the value of another variable
A + B = B + A
A natural number that has exactly 2 factors
An angle with a measure of exactly 90 degrees
A combination of numbers, variables and operation symbols but has no =
The sum of a number and its opposite is always zero
A number compared to part of a hundred
Having the same values
The number of units the value is from the zero on the numberline
A rate, number, or amount in each hundred
A comparison of 2 quantities
A graph showing frequency of data in which a horizontal axis represents discrete data or intervals while the vertical axis represents frequency
A way of expressing a composite number as a product of its prime number factors
The order in which one adds, subtracts, multiplies, & divides
A number related to another in such a way that when these numbers are multiplied together their product is 1
Report detailing a person's financial history specifically related to their ability to repay borrowed money
To put money in a bank account
A math sentence showing two parts equal
The least to greatest value in a set of data