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TKAM Character Crossword

Isaiah Emond PD. 7
Main character; the book is seen in her point of view
Woman of whom makes Jem read to her for a month
Sherrif; Testifies in Tom Robinson's case
Scout's brother; loves football
The mystery character of TKAM
Man who gives Jem, Scout, and Dill seats in the colored balcony
Engaged to Scout
Black man who is found guilty
Man who "was a foot-washing baptist-"
Woman who uses "a loudspeaker from one of those dog Victrolas."
Spit in Atticus' face
Part of Scout's family; black
Deaf but denies it
Woman who loves flowers
A seemingly lax man, yet very alert and serious
Accused Tom Robinson of rape
Scout initially hated her, however they slowly grew a bond
Tom Robinson's wife
Gave Helen Robinson a job working for him; runs a shop
Scout and Jem's father