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Business Vocabulary

the one who directs the conversation or discussion
what is said or done that is not appropriate within the context
someone professionally trained in a particular area
a smaller group within a larger group
communication with those who work above you
coming to an agreement
five or more people working together
doing and saying what is not right within the context
communication with those who work below you
open use of works that are not copyrighted
that which is to remain private or secret
what is said or done that is not appropriate within the context
doing and saying what is right within the context
responsibilities of those within a group
someone who takes charge and makes all of the decisions
one’s sense of right or wrong
the one who begins a conversation or discussion
asking an outsider to help settle a conflict
rules for using social media
working to a solution by means of give-and-take
audio, video, or written works belonging to someone specific
one’s job or career
communication with those you work with at your level
when the conflict is finally resolved
speaking before a gathering of community citizens
speakers for and against a certain topic who exchange verbal ideas
Laziness or being too laid back (not getting things done)
taking others words or statements for your own use; stealing
two or more individuals working together