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Units 10-12 Vocabulary Review

The capacity to live; the power to endure
To be in harmony with; to agree
A strong movement for a cause
Spacious, commodious
A feeling of regret
Synonym for unpredictable
Depending on begging for a living
To stain or contaminate
Lacking in ambition or energy
In line with accepted ideas
Antonym for enraging, provoking, or irritating
Opposite of to keep, to retain
True, accurate
Antonym for corroborate or allow
To make known to pass something on
Insatiable, greedy, ravenous
Skillful in the use of hands
Crucial, critical, seminal
Absorb fully
Prudent, using good judgement
Synonym - to referee, to umpire, arbitrate
Antonym for fortunate or beneficial
Antonym for polite, welcoming, courteous, lengthy
Pleasing in appearance
A false notion or belief
To quote, to mention
To become filled to overflowing
To impose or involve
A synonym for chivalry
To exasperate