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Life Science

Organ needed to breathe
Fluid secretes from the mouth
Connects lungs to trachea
A tissue that carries messages
Outer layer which both plants and animals have
Muscle that helps draw air into lungs
Membrane that separates the nucleolus other cells
Carries genes. Humans have 23 pairs.
Responsive reaction
Small round structure involved in digestive activities
Center of a cell
Muscular baglike organ in the digestive system
Where digestion is initiated
Area that contain vocal cords
Canal that connects to the anus
Outer structure of a plant cell
Humans exhale this substance
Organ that produces bile
Section of both intestine and anus
Type of energy located within a nucleus of an atom
Prokaryote and Eukaryote
Cells that contract and relax to produce movement
Small cell within the cytoplasm near the nucleus and divides during mitosis
Produces enzymes for digestion
Organ that stores bile
Humans inhale this
Helps to breakdown food before swallowing
Platelets, plasma, and white and red blood cells
Deoxyribonucleic acid