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Minerals and rocks

Include bits of existing rocks, minerals, and organic material.
A type of metamorphic rock that begins with a s
Form when hot, melted rock material cools and hardens
Rocks that form at Earth's surface when sediments harden into rock.
Magma that reaches earth's surface
A type of igneous rock, often called natural glass. It forms when lava cools quickly.
Made of minerals
Any remains or evidence of an organism from the past
A process in which minerals, deposited as water evaporates, bind sediments into solid rock.
New rocks that form from existing rocks because of changes caused by heat, pressure, or chemicals.
This is a sedimentary rock formed by cementation
The molten rock material that forms deep within earth
A type of metamorphic rock that begins with a m
Igneous rock that forms when lava rich in dark-colored minerals cools and hardens.