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Lesson 18 Spelling

the power or process of recalling what has been learned
a serious drama with a sorrowful or disastrous conclusion
the overcoming of an enemy or opponent
gracefully or delicately attractive
near the beginning of a period of time or of a process or series
a reference source in print or electronic form giving information about the meanings, forms, pronunciations, uses, and origins of words listed in alphabetical order
something taken from the enemy in victory or conquest especially when kept and displayed as proof of one's bravery or victory
one that tries to hurt or overthrow or that seeks the failure of another; something that harms
the quality or state of being able; power to do something
covered with, full of, or consisting of ice
having a keen appetite; wanting more than one needs or more than one's fair share
bright with sunshine
to cause to feel horror
causing fright; alarming
o put or come together to form a single unit
not clean
the science and art of employing the forces of a country in peace or war; a careful plan or method
something that points out or shows a limit or end
to do what has been agreed upon in; to make happy
to fill with terror
ready to fall asleep
conduct due to parents and superiors; the action required by one's position or occupation
to carry by boat over a body of water
to declare not to be true