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Pete amd Wife Tammy
Judge Mel† and Super Judge Wife Alice
Dennis, Marty† anmd nephew/son Craig
Twins Bonnie and Sue
Papa Mike and David
Ted, Tom and Patty
Before Henry† and Jim† died, Roger’s Firm Was Named This
Shumaker Brothers James and Steve
M and M brothers†† who did not speak for several years, and nephew/son Harland
Judge Bill and Papa Bill
Judge Jack and Wife Kathleen
Daddy Richard and His Kids Patrick, Nick and Elizabeth
Judge Lynn and Husband Steve
Judge Josh and Super Judge Mama Judy
Judge Stormin’ Norman’ and Wife Judge Connie
Judge Bob† and Little John
Judge George†, Larry, Donna and Carole
Big Daddy Tom and His Kids Andrew, Matt and Elizabeth
Papa Jack†, His Sons John Jr. and Tom, and his Grandchildren John III, Joe, Jennifer and Colleen
Judge Jim & Wife Julie
Magistrate Judge Jim and Wife Linda
Brothers Scottand Jude
Valedictorian at Ted Kurt's High School Graduation and Brother John
Maumee Judge and Wife Joan
Brothers John† and Mark and Nephew/Son Little Mark
Tom and Wife Jennifer
Brandon†, Brandon and David†
Donna and Husband Chris†