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A Dog's Purpose by Austin Renner

In the third life, Ellie was a ____ dog, like the dogs who work with police.
Who raised Toby to be a feral, or wild, dog?
Bailey's favorite place was where pigs, chickens and cows live.
This word means the rebirth of a soul in a new body.
Todd was the opposite of a friend.
The dog's favorite toy was called a ____, which is also done in gymnastics.
The character who set fire to Ethan's house and lost his shoe was named ____.
One of the most popular dogs is the Labrador retriever, and in the book the black Labrador was named ____.
Buddy thought Ethan needed a ____ to be saved.
Ellie rescued the first grader lost in a storm in a place where rats live.
Ethan's girlfriend had the same name as the character that Miley Cyrus played on ____ Montana.
Bailey's friend Fluffy had the same name as something that is soft and white.
In his first life, Toby was ____ because he was hurt in a fight.
Bailey's purpose with young Ethan was to ____ him whenever he needed it.
Bailey and Ethan's favorite game was called "____ Me."
In W. Bruce Cameron's book, the dog was reborn ____ times, or cuatro times in Spanish.
Young Ethan's nickname for Bailey rhymes with noodle.
The name of Bailey's favorite friend is an ingredient in smores.
As an old man, Buddy stayed with Ethan when he ____ and realized that all of his lives had prepared him for this moment.
The author's first name is a person in our class.