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Anthropology 300 Final Review

Result of vitamin B1 or thiamine in China
Oldest Epoch of the Cenozoic?
The science of high incidence of a pathogen in a population
Abbreviation for dioxyribonucleic acid
Our emphasis in studies of evolution
Epidemiology's emphasis
Haudenosaunee Great Law of ____
Today's American agricultural diets are a ___to our lifestyles
How phenylthiocarba-mide tastes to those who react to it
How do we respond to medications over time?
Rathje's pet project in archaeology
View that after reproductive age human adults aren't important for human survival
Time after death
Change through time
Cognitive ______
In the 1950s she raised the red flag about DDT
Study of the life cycle
What was the "icon" in "Death of an Icon?"
The diet of hunter-gatherers is call the ____diet
Time just before death occurs
Another term for Haudenosaunee
Anorexia nervosa is most common amongst them
A gene changes function over the course of a lifetime
Occurred at early stages of agriculture, development in North America from low B vitamin niacin
Most common consumer waste materials?
Mother's talk to their infants
Mosquitoes carry this
Prenatal danger to developing fetus
All that occurs from time of death to time of rediscovery
Cenozoic epoch in which we live