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Ch 12 Chemistry and Technology

8th grade Ch. 1 Exploring and Classifying
Materials made from dried clay or clay-like mixtures that are usually heated to high temperatures to improve their strength.
Testing procedures that are designed to find defective products or materials in a manufacturing.
To use a computer to imitate the process to collect data or to test a process or procedure.
A scaled-down version of the real production equipment that closely models actual manufacturing condition.
Someone who has knowledge about science and works to learn more information about science.
Someone who takes scientific information or an idea for technology and devices a way to use the information to solve a problem or to mass produce or to mass produce a product.
The measure of ease with which electrons can move through a material.
The branch of science that studies the properties and uses for materials.
A specific type of matter.
A group problem-solving technique that involves individuals contributing ideas without criticism.
The ability of a material to be attracted or repelled by another material due to a magnetic field.
Limiting factors in a design.
A full-scale model that is used to base future products on such as a new car design or a new airplane design.
A process in which a substance, especially metal, is changed or weakened by a chemical reaction.
The ability of a material to be hammered or rolled into sheets.
The application of scientific knowledge or materials and processes to benefit people.