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Family Law Draft 3

Judge Jack & Wife Kathleen
Twin sisters - Attended law school with Tom Kurt's brother
Donna & Husband Chris†
Judge Galvin's Brother in Law
Judge Josh & Super Judge Mama Judy
Before Henry† and Jim† died, Roger’s Firm Was Named This
Shumaker Brothers James & Steve
Ted Kurt's Neighbor
Cathy and Tom
Dennis, Marty† & Craig
M&M brothers†† who did not speak for several years, & nephew/son Harland
Tom & Wife Jennifer
Valedictorian at Ted Kurt's High School Graduation & Brother John
Ted Kurt's First Cousin, One Removed
Brandon†, Brandon & David†
Big Pete With a Beard and Wife Barb
Judge Jim & Wife Julie
Magistrate Judge Jim & Wife Linda
Judge George†, Larry, Donna & Carole
Big Daddy Tom and His Kids Andrew, Matt and Elizabeth
Papa Jack†, His Sons John Jr. and Tom, & his Grandchildren John III, Joe, Jennifer and Colleen
Judge Stormin’ Norman’ & Wife Judge Connie
Brothers John† & Mark & Nephew/Son Little Mark
Frank† and Family, Including Stewie and a Kiddie Judge
Ted Kurt's First Cousin
Judge Mel† & Super Judge Wife Alice
Judge Bill & Papa Bill
Judge Lynn & Husband Steve
Pete & Wife Tammy
Ted, Tom & Patty
Papa Mike & David
PD Jim and Wife Sue
Richie has three kids, Patrick Nick Elizabeth
Brothers Scott & Jude
Judge Bob† & Little John
Remember These Maumee Lawyers? Helen† and Larry