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Lane Odom Projet de Vocabulaire

A thumb
We use it to grab things
A younger sister
Something you use to detangle your hair
If you are sweet. You might get a peck on the....
A female's shirt
Push-ups build the muscles in your...
What you wear when it is raining out
It is impossible to lick this part of your arm
Something you use to keep your pants up
When there are dots all over a shirt. They are called:
A piece of jewelry Tiffany & Co. is most famous for
An older brother
Shoes you wear to go hiking
What you do with clothing
The space above our eyebrows
A piece of technology that you use to record video
Where your brain is
Something you wear around your neck
Something you do at night
Where food enters your body
It gets chapped in the winter
The thing you put on your toothbrush
It bends as we walk
A hat you where for baseball
It is common to sprain this joint before
You put a shoe on a...
What we use to smell
You wear a bracelet on a....
It is rude to stick your____out at people
They keep your hands warm
A bomber jacket
a shirt
Shoes you would wear in a basketball game
What necklaces go around
We use it to point to things
Action that makes Pinocchio's nose bigger