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Purest form of a substance
An educated
Energy of movement
The results from your test
Chocolate chip cookie is an example of this kind of mixture
Your idea of what you think will happen
The process of testing the hyposthesis
The study of the natural world
To see, taste, feel, hear, or smell the world around you
Force applied to an object
Objects at rest tend to stay at rest
Makes work easier
A way to investigate something using observations to test a hypothesis.
A chart of elements
Energy that is stored, but no happened yet
Heat energy
Energy from the sun
Two or more elements bonded together
What is the problem or question you want to test?
Was your hypothesis correct, yes or no?
The center of an atom
The flow of electricity
This simple machine is an example of a wedge
This simple machine is an example of a lever
One way to observe the world