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Biology STAAR Review

NAME: _____________________
DATE: ______________
PERIOD: ____
The body system that releases hormones, like testosterone.
The body system that involves the skin covering that protects and maintains homeostasis.
All, normal body cells. Involved in mitosis, NOT meiosis.
makes own food (like plants, not like making a sandwich) using sunlight energy; can remember meaning because auto means self
The biomolecule that is made of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen in a fatty acid chain; example: fats
The 9th grade teacher who everyone mistakes for Ms. Evers.
The body system that includes the brain, spinal chord, and nerves. Controls the body.
There are two main types of viruses. This one infects the host and replicates immediately. For example, the flu.
The movement of molecules from an area of low concentration to an area of high concentration. Requires energy.
The movement of water to an area of high solute (move to the party!)
Only mistakes in meiosis can be inherited. This is because meiosis is the division of the sex cells. Sex cells are better known as ________.
The state where Ms. Evers is from.
The body system that filters blood and water using the kidneys.
The process where organisms better adapted to the environment tend to survive and produce more offspring
The body system that circulates the blood throughout the body by the heart.
The 9th grade English teacher who always wears her hair in a half-bun and reigns demerits on the class like candy.
The classification of living things
a living thing that has no nucleus
The coding region of a nucleotide (makes up all DNA)
structures that are shared by related species and that have been inherited from a common ancestor. similar in structure, but may not perform the same function (ex. Bird wing and human arm)
The movement of molecules from an area of high concentration to an area of low concentration. Does not require energy.
Brain of the cell. Contains the genetic information (DNA). Site of DNA replication. (only in eukaryotes- NOT prokaryotes)
The division of cells. Results in two identical daughter cells.
The 9th grade Algebra teacher who is from Wisconsin.
The body system that protects the body from pathogens.