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Roman cross-word puzzle

Father of marcus and was emperor from 180 to 192
Emperor from 79 to 81, An a member of the flavian dynasty
Peace that Augustus brought to Rome
Absolute ruler
One of the five good emperor's in the Nerva- Antonine dynasty
Emperor's powers and right came not from the people but from the gods
Last emperor of the severan dynasty
First freformer
House with marble walls, colored stone floors, windows made of small panes of glass
Ruled Rome from 81 to 96, younger brother of titus
Former enslaved people
Who founded the flavian dynasty that ruled for 27 years
Iegal writers and lawyers
He is known for building the Hardain's wall
Former roman temple
People who fought animals in open air arenas
Member of the house of rulers conventionally known as the julio claudian dynasty
Period of ever lasting prices
Exchange goods without using money