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Science EOG Review Puzzle 2

This area on Earth extends from 66.5o degrees north and south of the equator to the poles.
These are the general weather conditions of an area over a long period of time.
This is a statement that a particular event will occur, based on reasonable observations of prior events.
A rhythmic disturbance that carries energy through matter or space.
This is a material that allows heat/electricity to transfer.
This is a type of cloud associated with thunderstorms. They are gray-black clouds, very tall, and often flat on top.
This is the horizontal movement of air caused by heating from the sun and rotation of the planet.
This is predicting expected weather trends by examining and analyzing available weather data.
The various atmospheric conditions that occur at any given time in any place.
The complete range of light waves organized by wavelength/frequency.
This is a measure of the average kinetic energy of a substance.
This is the measured value (always positive) from one point to another.
This is fast moving air or wind that blows horizontally through the upper layers of the troposphere, generally from west to east.
This is the form of energy that is transferred because of a difference in temperature.
The different layers of gases that extend from the surface of the Earth into space.
This is a type of element that has many valence electrons, not a conductor.
Heat transfer by electromagnetic waves.
This is a material that does not allow heat to transfer.
This is a tool used to measure the amount of precipitation in inches or centimeters.
The result of evaporation, this is a visible body of fine water droplets or ice particles suspended in Earth's atmosphere.
This is a force which resists all motion.
This is the phase of matter with no fixed shape but fixed volume.
his is a volume of space that is empty of matter.
This is a body of air with generally uniform temperature and humidity that originates over a large land mass.
This is heat transfer due to differences in density.
This is a tool used to measure wind speed in miles per hour.
This is the energy that comes to Earth from the Sun.
This is a process of watching an experiment and noting what occurs.
Equipment used to measure the temperature of an object.
Your compass needle moved and pointed north
This is a large volume of air that has specific characteristics of temperature and water vapor content.
This is a group of elements with few valence electrons that conducts heat and electricity.
This is the phase of matter with fixed shape and volume.
The combination of gases in the Earth\'s atmosphere.
The transfer of thermal energy between two bodies which are at different temperatures.