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Science EOG Review Puzzle 5

This is any living thing without the power of locomotion that obtain energy from sunlight or make their own food.
This is an organism that breaks down and gains nutrients from dead organisms.
This is an organism that is made of many parts but cannot make its own food. They are classified by whether they have a backbone or not.
This is a natural stream of water, usually freshwater, flowing toward an ocean, a lake, or another stream.
This is a chemical process that uses light to process carbon dioxide in plants
All the individuals of a species that live together in one place at the same time
The capacity for doing work. It may be transformed from one form to another.
This is a large body of water covering most of the earth.
One celled organisms that reproduce by fission.
This is the energy needed to drive photosynthesis.
This is a body of freshwater, surrounded by land and smaller than a lake.
This is a small body of freshwater that flows into a river.
This is the kingdom of heterotrophs that obtain energy and nutrients from dead and decaying organic matter.
This type of water has a very low salinity content when compared to brackish and the ocean.
Biotic and abiotic factors interacting within the setting of a community.
This is any substance we eat or drink to maintain life and grow.
This is a type of biome which is found on the land.
The thin zone along a coastline where freshwater systems and rivers meet and mix with a salty ocean (such as a bay, mouth of a river, salt marsh, lagoon).
This type of water has the highest salinity of any of the types of water on earth.
This is an organism that relies on other organisms for its food and energy supply; also called a heterotroph.
This is the type of biome that is found in the water.
This is a low, poorly drained section of land, that may not always be covered in water.
This is a natural or man-made body of water that can form when a depression on Earth fills with water.
This is a path for the transfer of matter and energy through an ecosystem by eating and being eaten.
This is a terrestrial ecosystem that has many trees, either with leaves or needles or both.
This is an organism that supplies matter and energy, also known as an autotroph.
One of several types of terrestrial biomes, where grasses form the predominant vegetation, usually mixed with herbs and sometimes with shrubs, but usually without trees.