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Biology Crossword

Author: Corbin Martin
Founder of photo 51
A salt of phosphoric acid
Base pair of thymine
They form the basic structural unit of nucleic acids
Transfer RNA
Where RNA is found
The process of duplicating
Watson's partner
A copy of a gene's base sequence
Owner of Franklin's lab
Has a 3 base sequence
Replication RNA
The shape of DNA
A sequence of 3 nucleotides
Single strand of DNA
Base pair of guanine
Where DNA is found
Base pair of cytosine
It makes up the base pairs
Made up of amino acids
Makes up proteins
Found in living tissues and exemplified by glucose
Runs 5 to 3
Compound found in living tissues
The copy is used to direct the production of a protein
Cofounder of the double helix model
Genetic blueprint for humans
Has a 2 base sequence
The base pair of adenine
Messenger RNA