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GM 6 Film Music and Composers

Name_____________________________________Due:   Friday, May 5, 2017
One of the two times music should NOT be playing in a film segment.
Setting the stage for something that's going to happen.
The 3 elements of sound design in a film are: Sound Effects, Talking, and _________
Howard Shore gets his inspiration by walking in the park close to _________.
A movie or moving picture.
Wrote the score for Harry Potter
Instrument that represented Fluffy, the three headed dog in the Harry Potter film.
This novel sold over 150 million copies.
She sang the song "My Heart Will Go On"
Instrument that represents the Magic Harp in the Harry Potter film.
Wrote the score for Titanic
Braveheart star
What sport is The Field of Dreams about?
What family of instruments represented the "Quidditch Game" in the Harry Potter film?
Instrument that played the simple melody at the beginning of Spiderman film.
Who wrote the music score for The Field of Dreams?
This book was the sequel to this book by J.R.R. Tolkein.
Howard Shore claimed that this book was the most well loved book of all time.
Irish instrument that was used in Titanic music.
Wrote the score for The Hobbit
What recording studio in England does Howard Shore enjoy using the most to record his film music?
The things that musicians put over their ears to help them concentrate on what they are playing in a studio.
What film will you hear the song "My Heart Will Go On"?
Instrument that represented Hedwig in the Harry Potter film.
What does music evoke from us when it accompanies a film?