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Living God's Will

The Hebrew word translated wait means to bind together by _____
We are to walk by faith, and not by _____
Waiting is not _____ but active
They are an example of suffering and patience
We need to keep our eyes on Jesus, and not our _____
_____ on the Lord and be of good courage
Our lesson - the_____ sign
God desires that we take _____ in Him in the midst of our troubles
Doing things his way, caused _____ in Abraham's life
Waiting demonstrates _____ in God instead of ourselves
If it isn't eternal, it is eternally _____
Is an evidence that we are not really waiting in our hearts
Waiting is an act of _____, trusting that God's ways are better than ours
Waiting is an _____ of faith
There is danger in _____ to get what we want
Knowing that something is God's _____ does not mean it is His time
_____ striving and know that I am God