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World War II Review

Location of a spy camp in Canada
The Allies invaded through this area of France
The Allies killed a lot of German submarines thanks to this new technology
Hitler's plan to invade Russia
Group of countries including Canada, America, Russia, and Great Britain
Hitler and Stalin signed one of these pacts
The site of a miracle evacuation of 300,000 troops
These Japanese pilots rammed their planes into enemy boats
German word for a new kind of attack called "Lightning Warfare"
Japanese-Canadians were sent to these camps
These people were sent to concentration camps
First city where a nuclear bomb was used
The invasion of this country made Great Britain declare war
The Russians turn the tide of the war at this city
These laws restricted the rights of Jews in Germany
Items used to get goods during the war
This man rescued over 1,000 Jews from the Nazis
Treaty made after WWI that led to WWII
The nickname for the alliance between Germany, Italy, and Japan