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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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SOL Reading Practice

An educated guess based on the text and your prior knowledge
The conflict is resolved and the story is brought to a close
A statement that can be proven
Moral/lesson of the story
Beginning of a word
Dictionary definition meaning of a word
A pair of rhyming lines
Life story written by oneself
Giving human characteristics to non-human objects
Refers to the emotional atmosphere produced by an author's use of language
Words sound like what they are
The emotional meaning associated with a word
The time and place of a story
A view or a judgement, that is not based on fact or knowledge
Word or object that represents something else
A group of lines that create a verse in a poem
One of the characters tells the story, using the pronoun "I"
End part of a word
Repitition of initial sounds
Base part of a word
Repeated use of sounds, words, or ideas for effect and emphasis
Expresses a writer's attitude toward a subject
The giving of clues to hint at coming events in a story
Writing about someone else's life
Uses the words like or as to make comparisons
The turning point of the story
Beginning of the story that tells who the charactters are, and what their conflict is
Words with the same/similar meaning
The primary topic of a text
Words with the opposite meaning