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6th per science-Earthquakes

Author: Kyle Cosick
is an earthquake that occurs after a larger earthquake in the same area
a force that acts on an area of rock to change it's shape or volume
is an instument that records and measures sieismic waves
are seismic waves that compress and expand the ground
pulls on the crust stretching rock so that it becomes thinner in the middle
the fault is at an angle, so one block of rock lies above the other block of rock
is the shaking that results from the sudden movement of rock along the fault
has the same structure as a normal fault,but the block move in the opposite directions
is the force that opposes the motion of one surface as it moves across another surface
occurs when an earthquke's violent shaking suddenly turns loose, soft soil into liquid mud
the rocks on either sideof the fault slip past each other side ways, with a little up or down motion
squeezes rock until folds or breaks
the rock that lies above is called the
move more slowly than pwaves and swaves but they can produce more ground movements
can cause rock to break and slip apart or change it's shape
are seismic waves that vibrate from side to side as well as up and down
the point directly above the focus is called
is the area beneath the earth surface that is under stress breaks, triggering an earthquake
the rock that lies below is called the
is the record of an earthquake's seismic waves produced by a seismograph