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Science Crossword

A flying blob of lava
Small deposits of sediment at the point where a lake merges with a larger body of water, resulting in small land formations
The blocks of crust that scrape against each other making earthquakes
A solidified rock flying through the air
The ground being shaken from a release of pressure in the asthenosphere
A small lake carved out of the ground by a glacier
The theory that the continents weren't were they are now a long time ago
The hole at the top of a volcano where lava blows out of
A pile of dirt and soil dug up by a glacier
A small crack in the earths crust
A solid, crystal material made up of usually one element
A cloud full of ash and rocks superheated over hundreds of degrees
The crust and top of the mantle
When one tectonic plate gets pushed down into the mantle
A low area near a lake that can flood easily
An area of land where magma is closer to the surface, burning a hole in the crust
The thin, top layer of Earth
The time between the primary and secondary wave arrivals
The thickest part of Earth
Fine particles of rock that are shot out of a volcano