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Principles of Education and Training

Sixteen general career areas of education pathways
The name for all courses taught in school
Schools that prepared men and women with skills for teaching
Person who may have less education and works under the supervision of a more highly trained person
Social problem that exists in schools today
An advocate for state taxes funding for education
A personal statement about your own beliefs, thought and views about teaching
Initiative that deals with career clusters and career planning
Law that prohibited discrimination based on race
Government act that provides funding for CTE classes
A type of education that focuses on reading, writing, and math
The first widely used textbook during the American Common school period
Major challenge of teaching
Level of government that provide most of the funding for education
A federal government program design to help pre-school children from low-income families.
A flat, wooden board that served as a teaching tool during the American Colonial period
Can break the cycle of poverty; available to all children free of charge
Oversees schools at the local level
Test that measures a students performance compare to thousands of other students
The Italian doctor who emphasized self-directed learning
Proof that standards are being achieved in a school
Only type of school in earliest time of America education
A race of people who were discriminated against in the 1960's and could only attend school with their race
Schools run by women in their homes during the Early American period
Describes students who are more likely to fail
Principles and beliefs that are considered important to an individual
The name for the number of immigrants who were allowed into the U.S.
The guides for teaching a specific subject in Texas