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7th grade final

Economical decline started with the collapse of what empire
Deciphered the rosetta stone
Apostile made head of the church
Face to face agreement between Israelis and Palestinians
Introduced the new deal
Doctrine wanted to contain Communism
Said bible was the secret to England's greatness
Shortest war
Gave war material to England
Lead to break up of Yugoslavia
Ethnic cleansing of against Bosnian
Signed at the end of WWI
Greatest accomplishment of the Sumerians
What French revolution was fought for
Ruler of French July Monarchy
Al-Qaeda leader
Private ownership and control of business and industry
Started Sunday school in England
Iranian President
Ruker marked the birth of the French nation
Authors influenced by Scriptures to write classics
Persian ruler who built the Royal Road
Required decrease in greenhouse emissions
Russian czar
Divided Charlatans empire
Industry and economical leaders of the world
First country with written account of history
Had entire Bible translated into English
Writer of A Mighty Fortress Is Our God
The way of life of a group of people
Artist of Saturday evening post
First Roman Emperor to persecute Christians