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8th Grade Geoterms

Mansfield Middle School Grade 8
Figures that are the same shape and size.
A line segment with endpoints on a circle
The longest side of a right triangle.
... interior angles are congruent for parallel lines
A type of triangle with one angle that measures greater than 90 degrees
A polygon with four sides.
A transformation across a line that produces a mirror image of the original shape.
A triangle that has one 90 degree angle.
Examples are reflection, rotation, translation, and dilation.
Angles that add up to 90 degrees
Two angles A and B for which A + B = 180°.
A two-dimensional closed figure of three or more line segments (sides) connected end to end.
A polygon with three sides.
Distance around the outside of a figure.
A transformation of a figure by sliding it to a new location
A line segment drawn from the center of a circle to a point on the circle.
A line segment that has both ends on a circle and passes through the center.
A triangle with all angles less than 90 degrees
A measurement of the space enclosed within an object.
The perimeter of a circle
Straight lines on a flat surface that never intersect
The ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter