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Cinco de Mayo

A military force that is raised from the civil population to supplement regular soldiers in times of an invasion or emergency
During 1862, America was fighting itself in this type of conflict
The country outside of Mexico to its north that unofficially celebrates Cinco de Mayo
In Mexico, the day of September 16 celebrates this great idea of ethos, although many people falsely believe it is on May 5.
Here in Las Vegas, Casinos and these places of business do a brisk business to people who celebrate the spirit of Cinco de Mayo here in the U.S.A.
The city of Mexico that officially celebrates Cinco de Mayo
The relative of Napoleon in power in 1862 France who ordered his soldiers to invade Mexico
In English, it is a descriptive compound word that describes anyone or any thing that is not favored to win; it describes the Mexican army in 1862
The phony or inadequate excuse (or reason) given by the French for their invasion of Mexico in 1862
The last name of the general who defeated the French in 1862 at the Battle of Puebla