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The Cell Crossword Vocabulary Puzzle

membrane bound organelle that uses molecular oxygen to oxidize organic molecules.
All the protoplasm located outside the nucleus
microtubules which gives it shape, strength, and the capacity for directed movement.
Where lipids are synthesized and membrane bound proteins are made.
A method by which cells take in food by surrounding and engulfing it.
whip-like cell structure used to propel sperm cells
is produced in the mitochondria when sugar and oxygen are chemically combined.
The movement of a substance against its concentration gradient
Primitive plant-like organisms of the kingdom Protista.
Process in which molecules of RNA are translated into amino acid chains.
The process where wastes are enclosed in tiny sacs and expelled from a cell.
Polysaccharide composed exclusively of glucose units used to store energy in animal cells
Hair-like structures found on the outside of certain cells.
The chemical found in chloroplasts that transfers light energy to chemical energy
the degradation of carbohydrates in a sequence of enzymatically catalyzed steps
Large molecule, such as a protein, nucleic acid, or polysaccharide
The basic unit of structure and function of any living thing.
e metabolic reactions and processes that take place in the cells
found mostly in the nucleus but small amounts have also been found in the mitochondria and chloroplasts.
molecules of RNA are synthesized in which a strand of DNA acts as a template.
The tough layer outside the cell membrane in plants fungi, and bacteria.
Cells that possess nuclei
Organelles rarely that contain digestive enzymes which break down food and digest worn out cell parts
Long chains of amino acids.
Requires air
Movement of solvent from low concentration to solute molecules to high concentration of solute molecules
flattened membranes that help process, package and deliver proteins from the endoplasmic reticulum.