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1950's College Football Crossword Puzzle

By Aubrey Orsak
This University's team has an unbroken record-setting winning streak of 47 consecutive victories from 1953-1957.
They did this to the goal posts in 1959 to help promote scoring.
Until the 1950's, all Bowl games were played on this day.
Nation's #1 college football team with a 38-game winning streak ending in 1950.
He became Coach of Auburn in 1951 and four years later Auburn won their first National Championship and their first SEC title.
This University's team in 1958 reached #1 the seventh week of the season and won their first Sugar Bowl after five tries.
He played played for LSU and in 1959, was the Heisman Trophy winner and is ranked in the top 25 Best Heisman Trophy Winners of All Time.
In 1953, he was the Heisman Trophy winner who played for Notre Dame and was on the cover of TIME Magazine.
Another name people call a football.
He played for TCU and was a two-time All-Southwest Conference pick and Consensus All-American before he played for the Dallas Cowboys in 1960.
Champion of the brand new Atlantic Coast Conference in 1953.
College football's governing body (acronym).
How many times did the #1 ranked Oklahoma Sooners become National Champions in the 1950's?
American Press' #1 ranking team in 1951.
In 1955, this 6th ranked University won the Southwest Conference title but lost in the Cotton Bowl by 1 point to Mississippi.
This 1957 "Coach of the Year" took his Ohio State Buckeyes to the Rose Bowl in 1957 and won.
Influencial Head Coach of the Oklahoma Sooners throughout the 1950's.
This University was the only unbeaten and untied major college team in the nation in 1959.