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Algebra 1

Where the line crosses the axis (x,0) or (0,y)
The order of ____
An open sentence that contains an =
What property is 5+0=5
Y=mx+b is _____ form (2 wrds)
When dealng with a square root on the bottom of a fraction you do this
The number or expression inside the radical symbol
Fraction with unfavorable over favorable ( 2 wrds)
(3+5) +6= 3+ (5+6) _____ property
Establishes a relationship, input, output
A numbers distance from 0 on a number line ___ value
Two lines in the same plane that will never cross
Collection of output values
Rise over run
2+1=1+2 ____ propety
An expression of the sum or difference of two terms
The number part of a term with a variable
____ events have something in common
Input variable ____ variable
Use of division to compare 2 quantities
Ant number that can be written as a fraction