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The Reformation & Principles of Economics

Exclusion of a person from a church or a religious community
Priest and professor who challenged the Catholic church
Political systems gain power when economies are strong, so governments fight to ______ and promote expanding markets.
Pope during start of Protestant Reformation
Changing economies affect ______ inside and outside of a society.
Reform movement within the Catholic Church whose goals were to abolish abuses and reaffirm traditional beliefs
English queen, daughter of Henry VIII's first wife
Printing that uses an outline of a picture cut into a block of wood
Birthplace of Martin Luther
This invention led to new ideas spreading quickly
King of England who established Church of England as part of the English Reformation
Durer's book that was the first printed work designed and published entirely by one artist
Market economies have few _______.
A list of Luther's key arguments against the church
The ability to read and write
Documents sold by the Catholic church that were supposed to lessen the punishment for sinners in the afterlife
Statement of the Pope's authority
Emphasizes being devoted to God and leading a disciplined life
The leader of the Roman Catholic Church
Started as a religious dispute between the Catholic and Protestant nations of Europe
The followers of Luther's ideas
Expanding markets = more business = more
A rejection of some Roman Catholic practices that led to the forming of Protestant churches
Invented movable type printing press