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Biology Vocab

BY: Joshua Matthews 
Biology Inmon 2nd
(Bio Vocab Contract)
Enzyme That Seperates The Parent DNA
The Process Of Act Of Exchanges Of Genes Between Chromosomes, Resulting In A different Genetic Combination And Ultimately To The Formation Of unique Gametes With Chromosomes That Are Different From Those In Parents
The Flow Of Genetic Information
The Whole Genetic Information Of An Orgnaism
A Genetic Mutation Caused By A Deletion Or Insertion In A DNA Sequence Thats Shift A Sequence That Is Read
A Mutation That Exchanges One
Mutation In Which A Selection Of DNA Is Lost, Or Deleted
An Enzyme That Brings About The Formation Of A Particular Polymer, Espicially DNA Or RNA
RNA consisting of folded molecules that transport amino acids from the cytoplasm of a cell to a ribosome.
A Mutation Involving The Addition Of One Or More Nucleotide Pairs To A Gene
An Organism Whose Genetic Material Has Been Altered Using Techniques In Genetics
A Sequence Of Three Nucleotides Forming A Unit Of Genetic Code In A Transfer RNA Molecule, Corresponding To A Complementary Codon In Messenger RNA
the process by which the information in a strand of DNA is copied into a new molecule of messenger RNA (mRNA).
Trait Controlled By Two Or More Genes; Shows A Wide Variety Of Phenotypes
A Nucleotide Triplet Within Messenger RNA That Signals A Termination Of Translation Into Proteins
A Molecule Consisting Of A Long Linear Chain Of Nucleotides
A Type Of RNA, Synthesized From DNA, That Attaches To Ribosomes In The Cytoplasm And Specifies The Primary Structure Of A Protein
the process in which ribosomes in a cell's cytoplasm create proteins, following transcription of DNA to RNA in the cell's nucleus
One Or Two Long Chains Of Repeating Units Called Nucleotides, Which Consist Of A Nitrogen Base Attached To A Sugar Phosphate
The Process Of Creating An Exact Copy Of A Biological unit From The Original